Plumeria Body Butter

Plumeria Body Butter


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Plumeria body butter will make you think of a tropical summer day every time you use it. The clean, breezy, slightly floral scent is refreshing and relaxing. Shea butter has many benefits for the skin such as: anti-inflammatory properties, relief of dry skin, anti-aging properties, restoring skin elasticity (it is full of vitamin A), reducing and preventing stretch marks, and fighting acne. Coconut oil is great for the driest of skin. The lotion is all natural with unrefined Shea butter and virgin coconut oil. It contains minimal ingredients with no chemicals. Get one 15mL stick for $5, two 15mL sticks for $8, or one 75mL stick for $15.

My products are not made to treat any medical conditions. See your provider for any medical issues. I hope you find something that is wonderful for your skin!

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I purchased the plumeria and it smells so amazing! It smells just like the bath and body works plumeria. The smell lasted my whole day at work. As it does start to fade it takes on a different floral scent but it's still a pleasant smell. This is like a perfume for me and it's perfect!! The only tiny issue is how clumpy it gets. You can barely tell in the photo. But once you are applying it, the clumps melt away on your skin. It's really not a big deal. I've never had a lotion scent last so long. I can deal with the clumps. It's a good moisturizer and a long lasting scent.

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